Sponsor Agreement

1. This agreement is a public offer of "MTA DayZ: NON-STOP" to finance the activities of the "MTA DayZ: NON-STOP" project, as reward, the Sponsor would receive in-game virtual credits (c₦) in accordance with the terms of sponsorship.
2. Acceptance of the offer is carried out by payment of the Invoice by the Sponsor and means the Sponsor’s full and unconditional consent to the terms of service specified in the Invoice. 
3. Payment of the Invoice is made by the Sponsor within one business day from the moment it is issued through the Unitpay Payment System provided by Unitmobile LLC.
4. "MTA DayZ: NON-STOP" will reward the Sponsor by crediting virtual funds (c₦) to the Game account within one business day from the moment of the following conditions being fulfilled, unless otherwise agreed separately by the parties:
4.1. receipt of Sponsor's funds to the account of the Payment system in the amount specified in the Invoice.
4.2. the submission of the valid Game Account of the Sponsor, as well as documents in accordance with to 5 of this Agreement .

5. In case if Sponsor activities cause the suspicion of the State authorities, the Bank, Payment systems or the administration of "MTA DayZ: NON-STOP", Sponsor must provide all the necessary documents as well as properly certified copies of these documents. In case of non-submission of documents, "MTA DayZ: NON-STOP" has the right to refuse and / or suspend / terminate the activity of the corresponding Game account.
6. In case if Sponsor activities lead to submission of claims by third parties and / or penalties by state authorities to “MTA DayZ: NON-STOP” based on fact of Sponsor violation of the rights of third parties and / or legislation, The Sponsor undertakes to immediately upon request of "MTA DayZ: NON-STOP" provide him with all the requested information regarding previously committed actions, to assist "MTA DayZ: NON-STOP" in the regulation of such claims, as well as to compensate all financial losses caused to "MTA DayZ: NON-STOP" due to claim.
7. "MTA DayZ: NON-STOP" is not liable to indirect losses and / or lost profits of the Sponsor and / or third parties.
8. The Parties agree that the amount of bonus credits (c₦), received by Sponsor, regulated by "MTA DayZ: NON-STOP" and depends on the amount of the donation.
8.1 The Sponsor acknowledges, that in order to confirm the Sponsorship Act, only the MTA DayZ: NON-STOP automated accounting system could be used, available as web interface at "nonstopz.com" / "en.nonstopz.com" domain names.
8.2. The sponsor is solely responsible for the safety and confidentiality of the username and password used to access the game account.
8.3. "MTA DayZ: NON-STOP" is not responsible for the unauthorized use by third parties of the Sponsor's registration data (login, password).